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Choice Carts solvent-free concentrates and vaporizers revolutionizing the way of consuming cannabis. Inspired by contemporary, luxurious, simplistic design. Committed to safety, purity, and potency. Order Choices Carts from Our Online Store.

BUY 4 FULL GRAM OR 4 HALF GRAM CHOICE CLEAR CARTRIDGES AT FULL PRICE AND YOU GET ONE CARTRIDGE FOR FREE. THE CARTRIDGES MUST BE THE SAME SIZE: 1g size or .5g size but you can mix and match any strains within that size of cartridge. SAVE $55 when you buy gram carts. SAVE $30 when you buy half gram carts. CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER DISCOUNTS. DEAL IS ONLY FOR CHOICE / CALI PURE CLEAR CO2 CARTRIDGES.



45 reviews for Choices Carts

  1. Alberta Spain

    *I received a free review copy of The Duke Heist. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review which is honest and unbiased.* Lighthearted, funny, punny, romantic and with fantastic characters, The Duke Heist is my new favorite ))) by Erica Ridley! The writing is rather fast-paced, and the story itself is so well executed. We have the eclectic and not-part-of-the-ton Wynchester siblings on one side, and the Duke of Faircliffe on the other side. And there are definitely sparks! A lot of them.

  2. Maya Trinka

    Sample size is too small. I would not agree with whatever be the result.

  3. Ulrich

    Hola qué tal, acabo de llegar a Madrid, me gustaría una invitación a su club, tengo amigos acá pero viven más al sur y me queda muy lejos ir para allá…. cómo puedo tener invitación a este bello club ?

  4. Jesse White

    Pretty good stuff. I like the overall effects. Very relaxing and good for daytime or night.

  5. Kushhhhhhe

    This strain in a cart took me bout 3 hits and I started feeling it. The high was cool, it relaxed me alot and tasted very good.

  6. Amir johnson

    Best strain of cookie

  7. Brandon Scott

    I can see how some if not most phenotypes may feel like this description. I have only had this strain once and it was in shatter form…but i must say i LOVED it! The flavor is what grabbed me first. It was funny as i was describing the lineage before trying it, saying “it SHOULD taste like grape cookies…but we’ll see”…I was 100% right! TOO COOL

  8. Edna garcia

    I absolutely love this strain it made me feel it’s effects in minutes. Deftly going to this again.

  9. One issue

    By far my favorite strain. Just very pleasant, beautiful taste, it will get you if you let it!

  10. Joe mama

    Great! It’s a yummy smoke.

  11. Henrik

    Disappointing high, didn’t feel anything but good for falling asleep easy. Use it if you have insomnia.

  12. Joe mama

    Probably the worst strain I’ve ever smoked don’t really get that high and it doesn’t last at all.

  13. Jeff E Roderick

    My all-time favorite, it attacked my inflammation and keeps me pain free for 17 months now.

  14. Christian

    Best haze period

  15. Kari martinez

    uuuuuhhhhhh….I’m so lit haha. I am having the best bodyhigh right meow…wow, and the pain is gone.

  16. Martyn Konieczny

    Man, this strain has been nothing short of a miracle for me, makes me feel like i woke up on vacation in a sunny beach!

  17. Jerremy pion

    The best of all strains I’ve tried.

  18. Party boycc

    Very good strain. Love it!

  19. Natalie stewart

    Very heady.

  20. Andre chase

    OMG, definitely the baddest smoke I have ever had. Had a 1/2 oz last summer and have not been able to find it since.

  21. Ally

    Beautiful high❤️ love to just chill and enjoy my favorite music❤️

  22. Jessica Thorpe

    Stardawg is one of my favorite strains of cannabis. Everytime I have smoked this strain I felt super social and helped me fight through social anxiety.

  23. Sara Radford

    I’ve been smoking since 1997 & Wedding Cake is my absolute favorite strain.

  24. Terry Collins

    Definitely a good smoke for a road trip or a hike.

  25. No No Dance

    Meh. Go with a haze if you want a pick me up. SD will leave you only slightly less bummed than you were before you smoked that J. ✌🏼

  26. Phill

    What a load of rubbish. Clogs up my grinder and bong. Gimme the dry stuff anyday

  27. Cynthia Rockwell

    This was a great strain! Lots of fun uplifting happy thoughts. Would be great to go hiking with friends as you feel energized while having an uplifted high.

  28. Etalone

    Gave me lots of paranoia.

  29. Weed smoker

    Very Strong and long lasting effects for an average smoker. Amazing deep sleep, almost the strongest I’ve tried overall, a good pickup.

  30. Franklin Nathan Stine

    one of the most flavorful concentrates out there. amazing how it lingers on the palate and then in your brain.

  31. John D Stone

    Nice – slow build. Like sliding into a good couch for relaxation & entertainment. Nice & Easy

  32. Gabriel Shanklin

    Wanna see what it’s talking about buddy

  33. Thienloc

    Very nice

  34. Jaime brown

    This is a great strain! Made me giggly and social.

  35. Rok

    Great! It’s a yummy smoke.

  36. Sam Gilchrist

    Smooth, powerful, it is one of the best strains I’ve smoked so far

  37. Nancy Cowan P

    This is an my go-to cleaning weed. 👍

  38. Sen

    Tastes great. Energy on blast and euphoric!

  39. Terry Dale Lovelady

    It’s the best I have ever had for my pain.

  40. Hushpuppy

    good for me!

  41. Noro

    The best marijuana I’ve ever tasted.

  42. Soul With Stamina

    This strain is wonderful for nerve pain, meditation and yoga.

  43. Dave M

    Good smoke man, good smoke!!!

  44. Drew

    Super earthy strain. Great smell and fluffy look.

  45. Will Uman

    Classic Indica smell and taste. This is actually 90/10 indica dominate

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