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Absolute xtract online  THC cartridges are made with cannabis grown in greenhouses and on small family farms in Northern. California with no fillers or additives used during the extraction process. ABX cartridges are strain-specific and available in sativa, indica, or hybrid, including the AC-DC strain which offers their highest. THC to CBD ratio. They have about 30 different strain options available, which you can read about in detail on their vape strains page. Find ABX cartridges in state-licensed dispensaries across California. Watch the extraction process on their story page. And before you buy check out their lab results to ensure it meets your standards. Buy weed in australia marijuana for sale in sydney buy cannabis in townsville medical marijuana australia


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absolute extracts vape pen. Your favorite vape brand is now available at Mountain Remedy in full-gram CCELL cartridges! Stock up and save on a flavor you love! Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid derived from parent strains Blueberry and Haze. Patients report swift balancing and refreshing effects, making it popular to enjoy during the day for the treatment of pain, depression, and nausea. (THC: 60%.

                                                                                     Absolute Xtracts  CCELL Cartridge – 1 Gram

Absolute extracts vape pen Sleepy Time sublingual drops are formulated with potent, premium THC cannabis oil and a supporting blend of terpenes designed to promote restful slumber. Fast-acting relief in an easily-measurable dropper, ideal for micro-dosing. 450mg THC total, .63mg THC per drop. It doesn’t matter what strain you choose, the Abolsute Xtracts Vaporizer is guaranteed to get you sky High. A deeper and extra intense head high than smoking flowers, the vaporizer provides enjoyable and delight that lasts hours. Discreet, simple to make use of and just right for those who are price-mindful.Pot Valet Absolute Xtracts | Cartridges | Pure Marijuana Oil Cartridge | Safely and Legally | 100% Original Products

Key Benefits: Promotes restful slumber. A variety of applications for personalized control.
Available in: Sublingual Drops, Soft Gel Capsules, Cartridges

FLAVORS: abx vape pens

  • AC/DC
  • Blackberry Kush
  • Blue Dream
  • Chem Dawg
  • Cherry Pie
  • GG#4
  • Grand Daddy Purp
  • GSC
  • Jack Herer
  • OG Kush
  • Sour Diesel

Product DescriptionAbsolute Xtracts – Hybrid – Cannabis Oil Cartridges – 500mg70% + THCExtremely pure oil containing 1/2 gram of Cannabis Oil testing over 70% THC levels .


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